January 28, 2006


From: "Ram Badrinathan" To:
CC: Subject: Your blog and Introducing Soulitudes..Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 22:15:14 +0530
Dear Mr. Mohapatra After reading your blog I thought we must connect. There was such wonderful insights including the discussions with Ramana Maharishi talks on Aurobindo’s thoughts.

My wife and I moved back to India from Hong Kong in December 2003. Our return prompted us to discover our country in a more in-depth manner. This resulted in the conception of Soulitudes ( Soulitudes is our aim to share India’s culture and diversity through workshops, retreats and special events and where travel is the medium to experience these in its fullest. The idea is to get under the skin of India and understand her various nuances, differences and binding factors.
In this vein, some of the events that we have organized have included a tracing of the origin of music, a retreat with noted film director Shyam Benegal and a music event with an upcoming singer Raghupathy Dixit. Recently, we conducted Advait Utsav with Dhrupad vocalist Uday Bhawalkar in the jungles and the Himalayas. Our venues for all our events are small and intimate retreats which are difficult to call hotels as the owners themselves live there.

In March (24-26th), we are organizing a retreat with among the foremost exponents of Sitar, Gaurav Mazumdar at Uttaranchal in a beautiful eco-retreat and are planning other events and special interest journeys for 2006. Please visit our website to get a sense of where we are going. I really Warm Regards Ram

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