January 08, 2006

Annul thyself

ANNUL THYSELF, THAT ONLY GOD MAY BE – We should be determined never to create, nurture or continuously maintain a yawning distance between us and the Supreme Lord. All the serious processes of sadhana like aspiration, rejection, surrender, concentration, meditation, renunciation etc, are focussed almost entirely on the primary step of "Annul thyself". I think that we should now turn with great vigour, energy, urgency and a compulsion-that-brooks-no-obstacle in its way, towards establishing the already existent Truth that only God is.
We are overwhelmed by our dedicated adherence to our selves and personalities as they are now, and, therefore, the need for reams and reams of writing, dealing with, this should-have-been-cursory-procedure of annulling ourselves. It ceases to be simple, easy and involves complicated handling methods. Fair enough. A slight step away from it all, for a second - let us beat it into our consciousness that not only is all life a yoga, not only is the Divine in each and everything, but also that all is simply, the Divine. Each and every atom and non-atom, good or evil, ugly or beautiful, is the Divine. How so are these death-, disease- and error-filled world and beings the Divine? - the very fact of our looking at this question, enables a key to turn inside our doors of ignorance, as though the question is the inexorable result of an already existent answer and not a prelude to the answer!
Coming to think of it, though it seems that questions precede answers, the answers have always been there, waiting, as it were, for the question-beacon to throw light on their presence... Coming back to the issue, the tragedy of the world is the undeniably solid existence of a consciousness other than that of the Divine Consciousness. We are quite firmly entrenched in this other-consciousness. It is like a sheet of net enmeshed in every nook and cranny of all parts of our being. Even when we get glimpses of the Divine, we do not feel that we are one with Him, but, on the contrary, we feel appalled at the enormous chasm between Him and us, His nature and ours.The distance widens more, the more we see the indescribable qualities of the Supreme. What is the solution to this most important and difficult problem?- the problem of there being at least two consciousnesses as it were- the dichotomy in this existence, of a Divine Consciousness and an other-than-the-Divine-Consciousness?
If we are honest, we have to admit that no way do we see God in anything in or around us. Frankly, the very reason for many to even think of something called God is precisely the acute distaste and repulsion that they feel at the ungodly and undivine life and world and earth and its innumerable constituents. More often than not, surely, it is the overt, compelling, strong, undeniable and unbearable existence of the Undivine that attracts us helplessly towards the Divine? Practically, I have concocted for myself the following steps –
  • 1.The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have categorically said that all is, in all levels, the Divine.
  • 2.Even if everything seems to contradict this statement of theirs, for me, because they say so, it has to be true. “Truth speaks through Thy words.”
  • 3.Now, I take every mundane, trivial, or mean little aspect, or ethereal, sublime, superior ingredient of my everyday life, and fill them with the Mother, in a way that is possible for me.

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