January 07, 2006

Creating inner calmness

by JulieAnne White
Sri Aurobindo, a well-known Indian teacher, believed that yoga develops your ability to achieve and maintain inner peace. The ability to establish inner peace allows you to reach the optimum level in all your physical and mental endeavors. Creating inner calmness or an inner state of tranquility is referred to as the "skill" in the Bhagavad Gita, the Indian philosophical epic. Sri Aurobindo believed that for people to attain excellence on the physical, vital, mental, intellectual and spiritual levels, they needed to attain mastery over the mind.
Yoga still tends to conjure up images of crystal balls and mindless chanting and to elicit rolling of the eyes from those ignorant of the powerful benefits of this ancient skill. Yoga is the perfect choice for any athlete, but especially those engaging in endurance events. Runners and triathletes require an especially powerful mind that can reach a state of complete, peaceful control should difficult situations arise during a competitive event. Yoga Yoga Yoga

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