January 15, 2006

Sri Aurobindo and C.S. Pierce

I was delighted with the breathless and clearly youthful enthusiasm with which Craig Hamilton revisited the teachings and writings of Sri Aurobindo in the Spring/Summer 2002 issue of WIE as the issue strove to uncover ways of considering "evolutionary enlightenment." If the term "evolutionary enlightenment" suggests anything in its languaging, it is that rather than an end-point, a higher realization is just the beginning of a process by which individuals can participate in the evolving Kosmos (as Wilber might say). For myself, rather than using terms rooted in eighteenth century (Western) notions and far older (Eastern) precepts with their associated linguistic and conceptual baggage, I like to use C.S. Pierce's "ongoing semiosis"—the process by which an individual can engage in the continuous perception of the phenomena of the universe to arrive at ever deeper and richer cognitions and conceptions of one's existence in it. There is nothing static and final about this process. Once we engage, we are involved until we die. Joe Arredondo Austin, TX

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