January 12, 2006

Bhakti should be not the escape but the embrace of life

What Hinduism lacks: Most of this is what I gleaned from Guru Aurobindo
Here is what is my tentative theory, We do not have true bhakti, This may seem counter intuitive at first, after all isn't India is a nation of non stop jagrans and numerous festivals. But what we see is not bhakti , it is ritual, shell of something which existed but has withered, the form , intangible of some vibrant past.What is bhakti, it is a longing for the light, unexplained quench for the fountain of eternity. Do we have that ? No ! What we have is worshipping for warmth of crowd, for healing from bruises, for escape from suffering of life. But is this the true way. Bhakti should be not the escape but the embrace of life. Joy even at bruising, rapture even in solitude, affirmation of the supreme spirit, celebration of Brahman. True Bhakti should manifest in Gyan, Knowledge undivided by here and this, self and not self, this and that. Knowledge transcending what is science and what is faith, what is sentient and what is not, of this world and all other worlds possible.
True Bhakti should manifest in Shakti. Not the violence, but the strength which knows that world is not a place of suffering but a place of joy, Humanity as unblemished, innocent. Conception is the very manifestation of God not a Sin. That we humans have nothing to be ashamed of. That the greatest crime that can be committed is abnegation of self. That real world is manifestation of God and not Maya. The purpose of life is to elevate itself and not deny. Beyond Moral and Immoral. Towards God. True Bhakti should aware one of Dharma. That it is according to Dharma to defend oneself , even commit violence. When India has realized this , she will occupy her former position among the Gods themselves. posted by doubtinggaurav Tuesday, January 10, 2006 @ 5:44 AM 10 comments links to this post

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