January 12, 2006

Sri Aurobindo, Nietzsche and Ayn Rand

Education of Mind: I have been reading up works of Guru Aurobindo and Nietzsche lately and I find the reading exhilarating. Guru Aurobindo has been a true intellectual giant and it is our misfortune, that so few Indians read his works. Because if we did, we would have less grief than it is today.I have been always perplexed by the essence of what is India, and while I am hardly there, Guru Aurobindo's writings have shown a ray of hope, a future promise for this journey and it is very encouraging for someone like me. I think Guru Aurobindo was able to grasp what makes India a living nation.
Nietzsche is another giant. Although I do not agree with him (his being an atheist and myself believer) his philosophy is truly enchanting, what is more his reasoning against previous forms compels every one to think. He was erroneous in putting too much emphasis on racial identity, but then considering how 19th century Europe was fascinated with idea of genes as antithesis to existence of God, it can be understood. He gets most blamed for development of Nazism, but IMO, his racial outlook although very important was not core to his philosophy (Though I am sure that discarding will invalidate his assertions, whether it will reject his outlook, I don't know), however ground for Nazism were prepared by many thinkers as well as leading lights (Ford being one among them).
However his assertion that in quest of God or abjures, thinkers of all schools have made life a sin, and abnegation of life a virtue, is quite correct. Somehow I feel him more appealing than Ayn Rand. But this may be because Nietzsche was metaphysical (as Rand put it). All in all, past two months have been pretty good. posted by doubtinggaurav Tuesday, January 10, 2006 @ 2:27 AM

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  1. IMO Ayn Rand had a very two-dimensional mindset, and this reflects in her philosophy. At least Nietzsche had depth and dimension.