January 07, 2006


An outline: Per Kielland-Lund, 1998 : Monday, January 02, 2006 at 10:04 PM - Introduction and Overviewpart I sections: definitions sources and traditions contemporary perspectives dimensions common views and effects who is it for? why now?
The Absolute
  • All phenomena are born from, sustained by and merges back into the Absolute
  • Beyond all dualities of existence and nonexistence, mind and matter, life and nonlife, etc.

The Universe

  • As one whole
  • Beyond and embracing all dualities, all polarities, beyond perfection and imperfection.
  • The Universe as a self-organizing system
  • The Universe as mind, expressed in self-organization
  • The Universe involved in a process of exploring itself, continuously unfolding its potentials in new ways

The Earth

  • The Universe bringing itself to life through the Earth
  • Earth as a living system
  • The Earth, a local focal point for the self-awareness of the Universe


  • The Universe has organized itself into awareness in humans
  • We are the Universe becoming aware of itself

Culture, science and technology

  • Culture as a way for the Universe to organize its exploration of itself
  • Technology as a way to go beyond the biological limitations of humans as sensory organs

Sensory and awareness organs

  • The Earth and humans as local sensory and awareness organs of the Universe
  • The Universe bringing itself, its history, complexity and processes into awareness through the Earth and humans

Authentic life

  • Humans, actively and consciously take on the role of an awareness organ of the Earth and the Universe, bringing meaning and healing for ourselves and the Earth (and the Universe)

Continued evolution

  • The Universe is in a process of continued evolution
  • The Earth and humans as expressed now, belongs to only one phase of this evolution
  • Future possibilities
    Possibly in the area of awareness
    Global mind? (Sri Aurobindo)
    Omega Point? (Teilhard de Chardin)

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