January 12, 2006

Evolution by a conscious will = Yoga

Sri Aurobindo’s teaching states that this One Being and Consciousness is involved here in Matter. Evolution is the method by which it liberates itself; consciousness appears in what seems to be inconscient, and once having appeared is self-impelled to grow higher and higher and at the same time to enlarge and develop towards a greater and greater perfection. Life is the first step of this release of consciousness; mind is the second; but the evolution does not finish with mind, it awaits a release into something greater, a consciousness which is spiritual and supramental. The next step of the evolution must be towards the development of Supermind and Spirit as the dominant power in the conscious being. For only then will the involved Divinity in things release itself entirely and it become possible for life to manifest perfection.
  • But while the former steps in evolution were taken by Nature without a conscious will in the plant and animal life,
  • in man Nature becomes able to evolve by a conscious will in the instrument.
  • It is not, however, by the mental will in man that this can be wholly done, for the mind goes only to a certain point and after that can only move in a circle.
  • A conversion has to be made, a turning of the consciousness by which mind has to change into the higher principle.
  • This method is to be found through the ancient psychological discipline and practice of Yoga. August, 1934 Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library, Vol. 26, “Sri Aurobindo on Himself”, pp. 95-97. MysWizard

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