January 10, 2006

The Secret of the Golden Flower

I believe that our religious traditions must give place to a fusion of spirituality and science -- a Sacred Science. Organized religions seem to have lost the key towards offering their congregations valid experiences of the Divine. A few secret schools have carried the flame, and the more recent waves of mystics and contactees are beginning to tap into the Mysteries once more. Theres still a lot of work to be done.
To say that there is no supernatural is only true in the sense that there are only higher-orders of nature we have not yet unraveled. Its all a matter of perspective. Someday science itself will prove the existence of the soul, as a higher-order manifestation of the same evolutionary thread we are currently climbing. Then the Sacred Science hinted at in the Upanishads, glimpsed at Eleusis, and predicted by the priests of ancient Egypt shall at last be understood.
What we understand as the 'soul' is really the seedling or embryo of our own extenuated existence in a higher-order reality. This 'soul' either emerges triumphantly through the soil at death, or hibernates in the earth once more for another season, to germinate again in another round of birth and death. What the new-agers call the 'aura' is the developing body of the soul. If it is well enough developed in this life, it becomes our body in the world to come. If it remains underdeveloped, it dissipates back into the shell of the seed, to be planted again in a new life here.I believe that our natural sciences will eventually accept the evidence for this energetic body, or aura, that grows with us as we grow older. It will be shown to be detectable by tools that are able to peer into frequencies outside of our eyesight and hearing.
One is not a soul born into a body; nor is one born having a soul. It is something to be acquired and nutured; its growth and development is the most personal and sacred of tasks.The Gnostics and the alchemists hinted at this. The clearest exposition of it is given in the Taoist text called The Secret of the Golden Flower. also appears to be the core of the message proclaimed by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, and their dilligent pupil, Satprem. posted by upwinger Thursday, December 01, 2005 at 2:20 PM


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    Sri Aurobindo was one of the most important figures of the 20th century. I am deeply indebted to the work he began, the work that Mother and Satprem have continued.

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