January 07, 2006

Yoga for Mind Development

Sri Aurobindo , the sage of Pondicherry, India once narrated his experience thus:
“While I was practicing Pranayam, I was doing it for about five to six hours a day, three hours in the morning and two or three hours in the evening. I felt there was a great accession of light and power in the mind. I used to write poetry in those days. Earlier, I could sometimes write only about 200 lines a month. After I began practicing Pranayam I could write 200 lines in half an hour. My memory was rather dull before. But afterwards I composed whenever I had inspiration and remembered ad seriatum the whole, till I committed it to paper at leisure”
R.R.Diwakar has recorded this experience of the great sage in his book Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo. By practicing yogic disciplines one could attain exalted mental state and high inspiration so that his/her creative power knows no bounds. Pranayama means practice of breathing exercises to get control over vital forces. S.Nagarajan Weight Loss Home :

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