January 07, 2006

The common man cannot understand

SIVANANDA YOGA VEDANTA CENTER Homepage Thursday, January 05, 2006

QUESTION #62: I am under the impression that no advanced Yogi has ever achieved anything in the realm of matter or contributed to progress outside of writing about high, abstract and introspectionist themes and inspiring a small handful to do likewise.
ANSWER: How then do you regard the production of a seemingly supremely great book like Aurobindo's "The Life Divine", which almost nobody reads, almost nobody understands, or books like "Treatise on Cosmic Fire", or your books, all of which seem so totally unrelated to helping anybody individually or collectively, in a material sense?
It is not correct to think that Yogins merely write, but never do anything forhuman progress. The help that they give, the common man cannot understand, and man has no right to expect a specific form of help from the Yogins, for the Yogins do what is really good and not what is materially convenient to man. Books which deal with metaphysical subjects and which faithfully explain the goal of life and the method of attaining it are a great help to struggling humanity. Yogins write such books for the good of others, in the spiritual sense and even in a pragmatic sense. But they do something more, too; they give direct, invisible help. posted by sadasiva108 at 2:04 PM <<>

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