August 19, 2006

6/6 misvision

The Wild West Wilber Report: Looking back on the Wyatt Earp Episode Frank Visser
"Having just read Jeff Meyerhoff’s rebuttal to Wyatt Erpy on Integral World, “INTELLECTUAL TRAGEDY”, I’m quite surprised, frankly. The dunderheaded Neanderthal Meyerhoff, as I was lead to expect by Erpy, turns out to be quite reasonable, cogent, pithy, and well balanced in his presentation.In fact, I’d have to say, if I’d never heard of either of them before, and “simply” read the entire Erpy blog series and this one response by Meyerhoff, I’d mistake Meyerhoff for the world famous philosopher, and Wilber for the unbalanced critic."–
In June 2006 Ken Wilber embarrassed himself in front of the world by abusing and insulting those of his critics who did not "understand" his work, and invited those who "did" to come to his integral "sanctuary". His main complaint was the low level of the criticism he had received so far, especially from Integral World authors.
Well, even if that were true, make sure you get better critics then, I woud say. Start playing the game by the rules. Behave yourself. Enter the academic arena. Start debates with people who really matter in the fields of science and philosophy, instead of either preaching to the converted, or abusing those who don't seem to "get it". It was an attack on reason and free enquiry, basically, which was applauded by the closest of his followers.
Obviously, this alerted some cult-watchers to reflect on what on earth is currently going on in the integral scene. Here's a listing of most of the relevant blog postings and articles, including my three personal replies to Ken Wilber. Compiled for future historians, Wilberologists – and psychiatrists!
Ken Wilber's blog postings:
Ken Wilber, What We Are, That We See, Part I: Response to Some Recent Criticism in a Wild West Fashion, , June 8, 2006.
Ken Wilber,
What We Are, That We See, Part II: What Is the Real Meaning of This?, , June 11, 2006.
Ken Wilber,
Take the Visser Site as Alternatives to KW, But Never as the Views of KW, , June 27, 2006.
Follow Up Postings
Ken Wilber, The Unbearable Lightness of Wyatt Earpy, Follow-Up #1, June 11, 2006.
Ken Wilber,
On the Nature of Shadow Projections in Forums, Follow-Up #2, june 13, 2006.
Ken Wilber,
What Would Wyatt Do?, Follow-Up #3, June 22, 2006.
The Shadow Series
Ken Wilber,
The Shadow Series. Part 1: How to Spot the Shadow, June 15, 2006.
Ken Wilber,
The Shadow Series. Part 2: Integrating the Shadow, June 18, 2006.
Ken Wilber,
The Shadow Series. Part 3: A Working Synthesis of Transactional Analysis and Gestalt Therapy, June 23, 2006.
My Responses to Wilber
Frank Visser, Games Pandits Play, A Reply to Ken Wilber's Raging Rant, June 14, 2006.
Frank Visser,
Not So Fast, Cowboy, A Plea For Some Dispassion, June 25, 2006.
Frank Visser,
For The Record, Final Comments to Wilber's Recent Blog Postings, July 3, 2006.
Other Blog Commentaries (A-Z)
Jay Andrew Allen, Wilber and Visser Work it Out on the Floor,
Jay Andrew Allen, Attack of The Visser: Academic Rigor vs. Practicality in Integral,
Michel Bauwens, Ken Wilber Is Losing It,
Michel Bauwens, On the logic of cultism at the Integral institutes,
Jim Chamberlain, Sorry, It's Just Over Your Head,
Jim Chamberlain, Ken Wilber on Evolution,
clocke, Ken Wilber would like you to suck his dick,
Colmar, Disingenious Duplicity,
Colmar, Safe for Whom?,
Colmar, Intellectual Tragedy,
Colmar, True Blue Wilberism,
Colmar, Which 2% Anyway?,
ebuddha, More Fallacies from the Ken Rant,
Matthew Dallman, Ken Wilber,
Dashh, Rainbowland,
Geoffrey Falk, Integral Gunslinging,
Geoffrey Falk, K-K-K-Ken's K-K-K-Kidding,
Geoffrey Falk, Integral Narcissism,
Geoffrey Falk, (Not) Not A Cult,
Tuff Ghost, Wilber Criticism, part 1,
Tuff Ghost, Wilber Criticism, part 2: Turn In Your Badge,
William Harryman, The Ken Wilber Rant Fallout: My Projections and Shadows About Spiritual Leaders,
Mushin, Abuse in spiritual circles,
Nagarjuna, Visser on Shadows vs Core Qualities,
Sean, An Authoritarian Cult?,
spiritofnow, Ken Wilber Disappoints Me Yet Again,
Victoria, The Ballad of Ken (My Critics Just Don't Understand Me),
Frank Visser, Criticism: Shadow or Challenge?,
Frank Visser, Integral Ideology,
Frank Visser, The Narcissim of "Mr. Know-All",
Frank Visser, Integral Without Hype,
Umguy, Wilber, Wilber, Wilber, rant, rant, rant ,
Zen Unbound, The Rattlesnake post was A TEST,
Zen Unbound, Ken Wilber ... Madness ,
Longer Reflections

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