August 17, 2006

Exis­tence vs. Value

(The talk began with a reference to an article on Kathopanishad by Dr. S. K. Maitra.)
The opposition between "Shreyas" and "preyas" has been interpreted by him as an opposition between "Exis­tence" and "Value."
Sri Aurobindo : What is a value? He has not defined it. I do not know what he means by saying : "God or the ultimate Reality is the highest value". He almost seems to imply that there is no "being” in God, only value."
Disciple : He also speaks of the opposition between the first two and the last two lines of Yama's speech – "0ne cannot attain the Permanent – Dhruva – by means which are transient.'' And then he speaks of his having attained the Eternal – Nityam – by means of things impermanent.
Sri Aurobindo: His interpretation seems a little far-fetched. It is the Fire that makes the attainment of the Eternal possible. The first two lines only mean that "if you are attached to the ephemeral you can't attain the Eternal." The last two lines means that "if one can offer the. imper­manent things into the Fire then it can make one attain the Eternal.
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