August 12, 2006

Include and encompass everything

My current definition of an Integral Metaparadigm
(so-called because it would include various integral paradigmns as components or sub-components)
A pragmatic movement of individual, collective, and global transformation, which uses theoretical integralism as a preliminary framework or entre to a practical integralism orientated to greater synergy and ultimately to the divinisation of the world. Such a transformative integralism should be one in which the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and divine, the individual and collective, the exoteric and esoteric, the secular and the sacred, the scientific and the occult, in fact all dichotomies, can and should be incorporated. Nothing less than all of the above, can be considered truly integral.
And it is this wideness and depth and height that the integral movement should aspire for, not just in theory, bit in practice as well, the practice being transformative (because it is integral) rather than simply a one-sided development of a single faculty that ignores the rest, or (as in most conventional spiritualities) a one-sided liberation that confers freedom and transcendence on the individual, but leaves the world unchanged.
Themes and Categories: On the basis of the above definition, a number of specific categories could be suggested, that an Integral movement or meta-paradigm would have to include or incorporate in order to be truly Integral. Remember, the goal of Integral (as defined here) is firstly to include and encompass everything, hence all human knowledge and fields of expertise, and everything in the cosmos even beyond that, and second, to transform everything.
Since we are still limited to human ways of being and knowing, there will be the largest number of categories and their included themes in those areas we are most familiar with, and much less in those we aren't. As always, the following list should be taken as provisional only; it is not an attempt at a complete explanation; that would certainly be impossible. Rather it is hoped that it can serve as a suggestion or starting point for further discussion. posted by m alan kazlev at 2:40 PM Friday, August 11, 2006

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  1. Would it be possible to accommodate the entire catalogue of concerns within the confines of the five-fold Integral Education, which is the other name of Integral Yoga? For, thousands of students along with hundreds of teachers/seekers in the State of Orissa, India are re-designing their lives on a daily basis, being part of this invigorating process in more than 500 schools, most in remote rural environs. That is the field of application, and the proposed blueprint of Integral meta-paradigm should aim to be tested on that touchstone.