August 31, 2006

The Mother knew Sri Aurobindo the best

I have quoted The Mother, as She knew and understood Sri Aurobindo the best and in the most perfect way. More than half a century has passed away after Sri Aurobindo's departure, and yet His Life has still not touched the understanding of the great mass of humanity, and His message is not yet listened to by this mass. To some, He is just a saint from India, though His Touch, in consciousness, has created many saints, or better, many spiritual men, throughout the world. They are the spiritual people, without the guise of the saints or mahatmas.
Sri Aurobindo did not come to be known as a saint or a guru or a spiritual man. He came to announce “the manifestation of a new race and a new world: the supramental.” He was an Avatar, an emanation of the Divine, and He came with the special purpose of discovery of the Supramental Consciousness beyond the mental plane, of descent of the Supermind in His body, so that other people may follow His footsteps and further the achievement of the cause Descent of the Supermind on earth and of consequent manifestation of the supramental world on earth, the coming of the supramental beings on earth. Barin 12-06-2006 Tagged with: Supermind, Sri Aurobindo, supramental consciousness, Supramental manifestation, the psychic being, The Mother, Mira Alfassa, supramental world, Pondicherry 7 Comments posted by Barin

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