August 27, 2006

Orissa as a model for India

Observations and Activities suggested: Bibhu Prasad Mohanty Sr. Scientist-Site Coordinator M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation, Lingaraj Nagar, Jeypore, Koraput-764004 Phone- 06854 230350 Mobile phone-094370 31912
As per the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo we are suppose to work on Integral education, agriculture, trade & industries and politics that intends harmonious policy making system and peoples organisation. To achieve this we the children of Mother must understand that all these can be accomplished by adopting purposeful open-ended management system. At DALIJODA the approach is basically oriented around very innovative way of agrarian life blessed with Mother & Sri Aurobindo's teachings. It abides with the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and proved to be the best for rural India including forest dwellers, elites and ladaites too. DALIJODA sets the exemplary disciplines of learning from Sri Aurobindo & The Mother towards over all development of rural poor.
This center believes on integral progress of mankind and advocates on low cost or no cost agriculture, non-conventional energy utilisation patterns, scientific use of water and natural resources, promotion of medicinal plants and usages of those. The most unique of all its approach is conservation and promotion of different crop materials and horticulture crops in a systematic manner for last 25 years. When world was talking about conservation of biodiversity this organisation could set examples of both in -situ and ex- situ conservation efforts in its campus and made that part of life system. We feel this centre should be a centre of excellence in orienting life, philosophy and achievements around Sri Aurobindo's teachings.
In Vandemataram & Prison Tale of Sri Aurobindo, in various places, very clearly he has pointed out that India will flourish and make its way to future progress only with the collaborative efforts of educated young mass and unlettered peasantry communities. This is the hope! This is the key to future development of nation! We too agree with him. I have been working on his teachings, finding great pleasure in following those and realizing at various levels and gained international acclamations. Great laureates and thinkers of India and abroad with great spiritual and development experiences do have agreed with me that it is Sri Aurobindo who has shown the light towards peace, progress, harmony and joyful living and simultaneously addressing the issues of various levels of society.
As because, the centre unfolding the science and technology very cautiously and judiciously without disturbing age old traditions and approaches towards life and culture, it takes sufficient and careful look at future development of mankind too. It has got continuous effort to document and research on existing traditional knowledge and purifies the knowledge though systematic observations. This center has got a relentless movement in silent mode for future development models. Infrastructure required for future is ready at this center to address many of the issues of agrarian movement in India. Now we have to make a giant leap towards future prosperity of Orissa as a model for India.
I have noticed that there have been several efforts on bee keeping, value addition of different fruits, food presentation and so as. It indicates the presence of a powerful force active in the centre that drives and guides its growth and manifestation...Many other training programs can be organized here in this campus. It will open opportunity for many pass outs of integral education center and youths of Orissa those who are wasting their time in unproductive activities. Many of them are under frustration and low self-esteem. Special activities for commercial benefits of the center: a movement towards self-reliance of the set up.

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