August 22, 2006

Unique alchemy of choices we all embody

Just consider the odd assortment of books in my sidebar. I am quite sure that no one else on the planet has a matching list. There may not be another person in history who has read and assimilated those particular books. I am not saying that to boast, only to emphasize the amazingly unique alchemy of choices we all embody when given the opportunity to exercise those choices. posted by Gagdad Bob at 8:07 AM 1 comments Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Co... Satprem
One Cosmos Under God Robert W. Godwin
Essential Earth Wind & Fire Earth Wind & Fire
Messengers David Ritz
The Golden String Bede Griffiths
Sick Societies Robert B. Edgerton...
Advice to the Serious Seeker James S. Cutsinger...
In Search of the Unitive Vision Seymour B. Ginsbur...
Explaining Postmodernism Stephen R. C. Hick...
Michael Polanyi Mark T. Mitchell
Survey of Metaphysics Frithjof Schuon
White Guilt Shelby Steele
Manliness Harvey C. Mansfiel...
Ideas Have Consequences Richard M. Weaver
On Two Wings Michael Novak
The Orthodox Way Kallistos Ware
The Developing Mind Daniel J. Siegel
Envy Helmut Schoeck
Honey from the Rock Lawrence Kushner
The River of Light Lawrence Kushner
Josef Pieper Josef Pieper
The Culture Cult Roger Sandall
Unconscious Logic Eric Rayner
The Symmetry of God Rodney Bomford
The Beatles Bob Spitz
Modern Fascism Gene Edward Veith

The modernistic searcher after meaning may be likened to a man furiously beating the earth and imagining that the finer he pulverizes it, the nearer he will get to the riddle of existence. But no synthesizing truths lie in that direction. It is in the opposite direction that the path must be followed.... --Richard Weaver

If my mental processes are determined wholly by the motions of atoms in my brain, I have no reason to suppose my beliefs are true... and hence I have no reason for supposing my brain to be composed of atoms. --J.B.S. Haldane

It cannot be possible, logically, to call a morality "humanitarian" when it eliminates partial evils at the expense of the patient's life, but this is basically the nature of all modern progressivist tendencies. --Frithjof Schuon

Gagdad Bob Clinical psychologist Robert Godwin is an extreme seeker and off-road spiritual aspirant who has spent no less than one lifetime looking for the damn key to the world enigma. Despite years of passionate searching and careful researching for his book, Dr. Godwin still couldn't find it anywhere. This led to the realization that it didn't exist, and that if he were ever going to read it, he would first have to write it. Now that he has read it a number of times--skimming some of the hard parts--he is happy to share that burden with a wider audience of cage-free fertile eggheads interested in peering behind the annoying veil that separates them from ultimate reality. View my complete profile Knowa's Arkive October 2005 November 2005 December 2005 January 2006 February 2006 March 2006 April 2006 May 2006 June 2006 July 2006 August 2006

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