August 20, 2006

The Quest and Vision

THE QUEST by: James H. Cousins

THEY said: ‘She dwelleth in some place apart,
Immortal Truth, within whose eyes
Who looks may find the secret of the skies
And healing for life’s smart!’

I sought Her in loud caverns underground,--
On heights where lightnings flashed and fell;
I scaled high Heaven; I stormed the gates of Hell,
But Her I never found

Till thro’ the tumults of my Quest I caught
A whisper: ‘Here, within thy heart,
I dwell; for I am thou: behold, thou art
The Seeker--and the Sought.’
VISION by: James H. Cousins
WHEN I from life’s unrest had earned the grace
Of utter ease beside a quiet stream;
When all that was had mingled in a dream
To eyes awakened out of time and place;
Then in the cup of one great moment’s space
Was crushed the living wine from things that seem;
I drank the joy of very Beauty’s gleam,
And saw God’s glory face to shining face.

Almost my brow was chastened to the ground,
But for an inner Voice that said: ‘Arise!
Wisdom is wisdom only to the wise:
Thou art thyself the Royal thou hast crowned:
In Beauty thine own beauty thou hast found,
And thou hast looked on God with God’s own eyes.’

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