August 26, 2006

The Vision of Sri Aurobindo

G.N. Sharma (Ed.), Marathwada University, Aurangabad,
Dipti Publications, Puducherry, 1973


Matter and Spirit – A.S. Rao
The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Buddhi Yoga of Gnaneshwara – P.S. Deshpande
Savitri and The Four Quartets - P.S. Deshpande
Sri Aurobindo in the National Movement – V.S.Joshi
Sri Aurobindo: A Study of Asian Nationalism – R.S. Morkandikar
Politics and Ethics - G.N. Sharma
Sri Aurobindo’s Doctrine of Passive Resistance – S.A. Bari
The Problem of National Integration and Unity – Moin Shakir
A scheme of National Education – V.S. Joshir
Basis of Social Relations in the Future Society: Sri Aurobindo’s Vision – M.G. Kulkarni
Sri Aurobindo on World Peace – A.H. Doctor
One World: The Role of the Individual - G.N. Sharma

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