August 16, 2006

Channel for the Masters

Dear Fellow Lightworkers, Greetings and Salutations! I have been following with interest the information shared in this blog and feel strongly that we are truly living in very “special” times!
As a smallchild, and in fact, from the time I was first born in this present Earth lifetime, I came in with conscious memory of being a Volunteer in Earth embodiment from more advanced worlds, and as I grew older, I knew that I was what you would definitely refer to as a Indigo soul. I also realized that there were, in fact a number of other terms or words that have been used in years past that also refer to those us fellow Lightworkers who are here on missions to uplift and Liberate this planet and help it experience the upcoming planetary Ascension into the Golden Age.
The terms Star People, Wanderer, Walk-ins, have also been used throughout the years to also refer to those of us who have Volunteered to be here for this magnificient planetary and personal Transformation that many are starting to go thru. As fellow Volunteers, it is always great to remember that we all have a great Cosmic Back-up Team surrounding this planet in "Guardian Action", and that traditionally this great Fellowship of Beings was in many metaphysical teachings often referred to as the Spiritual Hierarchy (this term "hierarchy" has nothing to do with anykind of so-called "superiority" positions or as in an earth duality regimented military chain of command type system, but merely refers to levels of responsibility to help spread greater love and light throughout this Universe) As a contactee and a channel I would like to share information from the Masters from time to time with you all.
My name is Michael Ellegion, and my website is I have been guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy at this time to connect with other fellow Lightworkers who also feel attuned to the higher Masters and Beings of Light, as clear guidence is especially at this time on earth, very important to us all...
Checkout and to those of you who feel an attunement to this information and would like to further connect with me, I look forward to hearing from you, e-mail me at: Many Blessings to You on Your Earthly Mission! In Light and Love, Michael # posted by Michael : 2:38 AM

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