August 14, 2006

Sri Aurobindo at home in Mumbai 'versity

UNIVERSITY OF MUMBAI Department of Philosophy
SYLLABUS FOR M. A. PART II (with effect from the academic year 2005 . 2006)
(VI) Aurobindo Paper VII
Topic I: The Philosophical Background and influences on . Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy. East and West in Aurobindo's Philosophy.
Topic II: Integralism and Two Negations. Denial of Materialistic Approach of Pure Scientific spirit and Denial of Ascetic Approach of Sanyasa and Escapism from world.
Topic III: Reality as .Sat-Cid-Ananda.. Right Principles;
(i) Existence, (v) Mind
(ii) Consciousness-force, (vi) Psyche,
(iii) Bliss, (vii) Life and
(iv) Supermind, (viii) Matter.
Three Poises of Reality:
7. Ksara, (b) Akasara and (c) Uttama-Purusa.
Topic IV: The World-process and creation: Descent or involution and ascent or Evaluation.
Theories of Existence:
8. Super-cosmic,
(ii) Terrestrial or Cosmic,
(iii) Other-worldly or Supra-terrestrial and synthetic or integral Why (Lila)
and How (Maya) of creation.
Topic V: Man (Jivatman) and his nature. Interpretation of .Tat twam asi.. Rebirth, Karma and Freedom. Knowledge and Ignorance. Seven forms of ignorance :
(i) Original, (v) Psychological,
(ii) Cosmic, (vi) Constitutional and
(iii) Egoistyic, (vii) Practical ignorance.
9. Temporal
Topic VI : Super mind: Its nature and Two aspects .
10. as Truth .Consciousness and
(ii) as the Iideal culmination and consummation of mind.
The ascent from Mind to Super mind
The ascending stages .Mind, Higher mind, illumined Mind, Intuition, Over mind and Super mind.
Three poises of Super mind: namely- Karana-avastha, Karya-avastha and Purna-vyakta-avastha.
Topic VII : Three Transformations: Psychic, Spiritual and Supramental. Gnostic Being:
Its nature. Kinds of Gnostic Being. Does Gnostic Being have personality? Is he same as jivanmukta ?
Topic VIII: The Divine Life and Integral (Purna) yoga. The nature and aim of Purna-yoga.
Topic IX: Sri Aurobindo's conception of Educational Philosophy, Social Philosophy
and Political Philosophy.
11. Life Divine .Sri Aurobindo.
12. Essays on Gita . Sri Aurobindo.
13. Human Cycles . Sri Aurobindo.
14. An Introduction to Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy-Dr. S. K. Maitra
15. East and West in Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy .Dr. S. K. Maitra .
16. Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo-Dr. Ramnath Sharma
17. Philosophy of Integralism .Dr. Haridas Chowdhary.

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