August 22, 2006

A Universal Esoteric Science

KHEPER transformation - evolution - metamorphosis
The Egyptian symbol for transformation, metamorphosis, immortality, and the dawn. It is named after the sacred scarab (dung beetle) of Egyptian mythology; the dung ball represents the sun, so the scarab pushes the sun across the sky. It is the Egyptian equivalent of the New Age symbol of the caterpillar and the butterfly. Also for me the ball of dung which is food for the beetle's larva, represents both recycling (hence an ecologically appropriate civilization) and the transformation of the lower nature into life and divinity
Welcome to the Kheper website, over 1500 pages, dedicated to a new scientific and esoteric evolutionary paradigm concerning the nature of existence and its infinite metamorphoses, and the transformation of the Earth and the planetary consciousness to a post-singularity state of Supramental (Infinite Truth-Consciousness) divinisation . Because this is a large project, with thousands of pages to still add, upgrade, or revise, this site is likely to be under construction for some time to come. But please feel free to explore anyway.

Index of Topics A still incomplete listing of topics on this site, including coverage of various esoteric teachings and other things of interest.

M Alan's Blog Yes, I've finally decided to do what everyone else is, and have started a blog! Thanks to the folks at "Zaadz" for supplying the forum (and a very neat online community). Inasmuch as I am doing very little on my site atm because of time writing my book, and time spent on wikipedia, the blog represents my current thoughts and feelings on things. But even so, it still feels a bit preachy to be writing blog entries, so if want please come over and have your say and make your comments as well!

A New ParadigmTowards a Foundation of a Universal Esoteric Science, my first (and imho still my best) attempt at a universalist system of knowledge. With additional material by Steven Guth and Arvan Harvat. Currently I am writing a book, Evolution, Metamorphosis, and Divinisation - Chapter Outline - which will further explore these ideas. My original attempt at a Theory of Everything is no longer being revised, as some of these conceptual maps no longer reflect my current understanding. When the book is finished however, I will update that section accordingly.

EcoGnosis and AstrognosisHigher knowledge about both our human social surroundings and the natural environment which is the home we share with all other life on this planet. Also regarding our place in thw cosmos, and the the way cosmic forces impact on life and consciousness on Earth.

New CivilizationWe stand on the verge of a New Civilization, although whether this actually comes to fruition will depend on various factors, the main one being whether new spiritual and new material ways of thinking and forms of activity can overcome the old entrenched attitudes, ignorance, conservativism, and short-sightedness, that are currently destroying the planet as a living system (Gaia). It is a race against time.

Essays A selected list of longer essays and articles - more to be added and News and Events Announcements on coming events, talks, workshops, etc. Also New and Updated on this site Khepershop Our merchandise (coming soon) - if you want to buy something the profits go to supporting the upkeep of this site Your old books can help a Romanian esoteric/spiritual library and study group!
m alan kazlev Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I'm an eccentric esotericist, futurist, armchair paleontologist, animal and nature lover, vegetarian, and geek. Here's my website. I also have a blog on zaadz. I follow the “Integral Yoga” of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother; for me spirituality has to be about transformation in this world, not a flight to an otherworldly nirvana, which solves none of the Earth's problems. This individual spiritual transformation has to extend out to the collective consciousness and the Earth as a whole (and ultimately beyond that to the Cosmos as a whole). I am currently writing two books; Towards an Integral Metaphysic, and Evolution, Metamorphosis, and Divinisation. The books incorporate a number of different esoteric teachings (Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Neoplatonism, Kashmir Shaivism, Taoist Yoga, Lurianic Kabbalah, Max Theon, Barbara Brennan, etc etc). View my complete profile Archives July 2006 August 2006

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