August 26, 2006

Integral Mindblowing

Dr. Matthijs Cornelissen
-- The Integration of Psychological Knowledge from the Spiritual Traditions in the Psychology Curriculum** A paper published in the journal of the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology section of the British Psychological Society (August 2000)
-- Towards an Integral Epistemology of Consciousness: A radical proposal based on Sri Aurobindo's work** A paper presented at the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Bangalore during a conference on Consciousness and Evolution (June 2001)
-- Integrality** An informal talk given at the Cultural Integration Fellowship in San Fransisco, linking the concept of integrality back to the Sanskrit word "purna" (April 2002)
Dr. Alok Pandey -- Practical aspects of integral psychotherapy** (2001)
Dr. Soumitra Basu -- Integral psychotherapy: personal encounters** (2001)
Prof. Brant Cortright
Prof. V. George Mathew
Ms. Ankita Mendiratta -- Integral Education: Learning through Self* (2004)
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