August 19, 2006

Esalen's Survival Research

Conference Summary: Survival of Bodily Death - May 22 to 27, 2005
A Note to Readers Conference Participants The Infinite Regress of the Observer and the Stubbornness of Fact Metaphysical Assumptions and the Survival Hypothesis Sri Aurobindo and the Survival Hypothesis Quantum Physics and the Psycho-physical Nature of Reality The Zeitgeist, Einstein, and Survival On the Nature of Entangled Minds William James and the Nature of the Personal "I" The Later James and the Influence of Myers
Conference Summary: Survival of Bodily Death - May 2 to 7, 2004
Click here for the Conference Participants Discussion of the book "Irreducible Mind" Quantum Physics and the Psycho-Physical Nature of the Universe Comments on Ken Wilber and Subtle Bodies Survival in a Multi-World Cosmology of Subtle Realms Feedback and Systemic Memory: Implications for Survival Integral Time and the Varieties of Survival Reports from Experimentalists and Empiricists The Necessity for an Ascent/Descent Model Non-local Perception and Time-Reversed Experience
Conference Summary: Survival of Bodily Death - May 4 to 9, 2003
Discussion of "Irreducible Mind" and William James Hypnotic Suggestion for Surgery Patients Update on Evolutionary Theory conference How Reincarnation May Generate Complexity Comments on Paul Edwards Reflections on Kant, Myers, Schopenhauer, and Whitehead The Many Faces of Creativity Responses to Ken Wilber's Essay on Subtle Energies and Reincarnation Frederic Myers CD-Rom and the History of Science
Conference Summary: Survival of Bodily Death - May 12 to 17, 2002
Conference Overview
Conference Summary: Survival of Bodily Death - April 1 - 6, 2001
Conference Overview Jim Tucker, Stephen La Berge, Arthur Hastings, Chris Bache Charles Tart, Antonia Mills, Michael Grosso
Conference Summary: Survival of Bodily Death - February 11 - 16, 2000
Sri Aurobindo's Model of the Soul Tart's Model of the Human Mind Transmission Theory Inadequacies of Contemporary Mind/Brain Theories Hylic Pluralism and Survival Personality and Identity: What is it that Survives? The Scole Report The Scole Report Reincarnation and Survival Non-Local Mind and Survival Near Death Experiences as Evidence for Survival of Bodily Death The Buddhist Perspective on Survival and Reincarnation
Conference Summary: Survival of Bodily Death - December 6 - 11, 1998
State of the Survival Field Episodic and Periodic Nature of Psi Phenomena Reincarnation Near-Death Experiences Out-of-Body Experiences Multiple Personality Disorder Channeling and mediumship Cross-Cultural Dimensions Philosopy and Meta-Issues Future Directions for Research Bibliography Recommended Reading Participants

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