August 26, 2006

An integral view of all knowledge and philosophy

G.N.Sharma - Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine hailed the most outstanding spiritual philosophical work of our times is an integral view of all knowledge and philosophy well the revelation of the inevitable destiny of man's supermanhood. Ananda or Bliss is the soul and secret of all existence. The Spirit dwells in all and all is Spirit. Evolution is the progressive revelation of Spirit, the truth behind the succession of biological forms. Ultimately Matter and Spirit ploughs one. The Life Divine is realistic Advaita. Final Advaita in its most comprehensive and form. The Life Divine the volume of nearly 1000 pages, is summarized to chapter by chapter an aid you the study of the master's magnum opus. 163 pg. ISBN: 8187544015 This page has been automatically translated from Portuguese. BeginningI catalogueReligions - BeliefsHinduismo

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