August 15, 2006

Sri Aurobindo adds to modern thought

Aurobindo and Independence INNER VOICE MN Kundu August 15, 2006
Significantly Sri Aurobindo, born on August 15, envisaged freedom for humanity at large, though it was encased in the bondage of many imperfections. He reiterated that man is a transitional being evolving towards higher consciousness, harmony and joy and evolved the path for expediting the evolutionary process of man through elevation of consciousness.His concept of evolutionary metaphysics is rated by his admirers as a wonderful discovery. Aurobindo reminds us that in the beginning, the omnipotent Consciousness willed, "Let there be light, and there was light". The said light is Agni of the Rig Veda and solar fire of modern science. Thus we find divine will and energy vibrations in the form of life force and light at the root of the universe.
In the evolutionary process, energy or vitality developed the awareness latent in matter, evident in plant-life, prominent in animals and best manifested in man. It is the mind, made out of subtle principles of energy, which is the missing link between matter and consciousness. It is by gradually developing our minds that we transform matter and attain the highest level of being. Sri Aurobindo discovered another realm of consciousness, which he called supramental or overmind, which can cause divine transformation in the mental, vital and even physical existence of man and enable earthly transformation. He wanted to, in a sense, bring the supramind down to earth.
His Integral Yoga affirms, "All life is yoga," as it is intended to unite fragmented consciousness with the holistic one so that it becomes a transparent vehicle of spiritual energy and consciousness. Egoism or the sense of ‘I am’ obstructs identification with the Divine and hence is not compatible with Divine attunement. Surrender to the will of the Almighty facilitates showering of Divine grace. Sri Aurobindo’s contribution to modern thought, therefore, is valuable in that it brings new lustre to the concept that man is a transitional, evolutionary being and we have the capacity to transform both our inner and outer selves through "integral yoga". Old thought finds new application and meaning for receptive people.

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