March 13, 2006

Beyond The Bleep

O Frank Turner
We have just looked at two speculations of what the soul may be by two physicists and I would now like to put in my 2 cents. One of the things that interests me a lot is the fairly new concept that everything is nothing but information. This is the idea that the universe is nothing but bits of yes or no, 1 or 0 and this is starting to get wide acceptance among scientists. I know that people who do not constantly think about these things will find this idea very bazaar at best but just relax and have fun with it.
As I was studying the “Physics of the Soul” I got to wondering what these theories would look like if placed into information theory. Information theory started in the 1940s to improve the efficiency of computers and then in the 1960s a physicist at Princeton University, John Wheel, noticed that he could replace the math that described physical reality with math used in information theory. Thus was born the idea that the universe was really a very large computer.
I am not an information theorist so the following is pure speculation on my part; based on what I know about information theory. The first axiom that both Dr. Goswami and Dr. Tiller agreed on was that the universe was one wholeness. Information theory would agree because there is noting but off or on, 0 or 1, Yes or No or any other opposite you could find. This also fits well with Eastern philosophy where everything is a wholeness made of yin or yang. As a matter of fact nothing can exist unless there is “something” next to “nothing”. As the philosopher Lao Tzu said, a bowl without the emptiness inside has no use, and is no longer a bowl. To be a thing there must be emptiness.
I have always found it a fascinating coincidence that the foundation of an atom is a proton or neutron, which are each made up of 3 quarks. A quark is said to be a one-dimensional speck of energy. But what if we said instead that a quark was a bit of data telling Consciousness what to see, what picture to make up, just as a bit of data or pixel on a computer screen creates an image on the screen. Then instead of giving the quarks names like “Charm”, “up”, and “down”, as physicists do, call them “length”, “width”, and “height”. These bits of course are really qbits. A qbit is a quantum bit, and is the basis for the soon to come quantum computers. Even though a qbit is a single 0 or 1 it has the strange ability to be 2 bits at once (off and on at the same time), so a qbit-quark could easily convey to Consciousness whether or not it was creating length, or width, or height. Protons and Neutrons then are conversing to Consciousness that IS* is experiencing three dimensions and is how we experience the world as three dimensions.
This then is our body or physical reality, but there needs to be something behind the scene to produce the picture on the screen or physical reality. The hard drive then with its software is the Vital body from Goswami or the emotional from Tiller. The computers electronic circuit would then be the mental body or mental, and the person using the computer would be Supramental or spiritual. One of the interesting things about this model is that the image on the screen or physical reality, in our case, works with everyday reality in that when a person dies it would be like the computer being turned off. When this happens the computer itself is still there and can be thought of an eternal, as is Consciousness. When the computer is turned back on the body is reborn on the screen, but in reality has always been there, just not seen. * IS - Gender neutral pronoun for God or Consciousness. Posted at 1:45 AM on Mar. 10, 2006

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