March 27, 2006

One Cosmos Under God

One Cosmos Under God: The Unification of Matter, Life, Mind & Spirit
One Cosmos Under God takes the reader on an intellectual and spiritual journey through the whole of creation, describing the evolution of the cosmos from the big bang to the ultimate state of consciousness. It is a comprehensive, self-consistent account of our universe which draws out implications of the latest scientific knowledge and accessibly harmonizes material from a wide range of disciplines. The book also provides a "road map" for serious spiritual aspirants of all faiths who wish to establish an experiential relationship to the non-local dimension that is the ultimate source and destiny of our cosmos.
One Cosmos under God represents nothing less than a new religio-scientific "mythunderstanding" for our time, in which humans are cosmologically situated and revealed to be the key to fathoming the mystery of existence itself. Daring to venture where language cannot go, One Cosmos actually begins in the "mind of God" prior to creation, and culminates in the "mind of the saint" who has transcended the culturally conditioned ego, awakened from the nightmare of history, and merged with the divine mind.
From the Author
One Cosmos Under God is the fruit of a lifetime of thought attempting to synthesize material from a number of diverse domains, including cosmology, theoretical biology, quantum physics, developmental psychoanalysis, attachment theory, anthropology, history, mysticism and theology, into a coherent, self-consistent, non-reductionistic whole.

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