March 15, 2006


EXT. MATRIMANDIR - SUNRISE At Sun-rise SATYA, CHETANA walk into MATRIMANDIR gardens… CLOSE SHOT Dew drops are sparkling in sun light, air is vibrant, now the whole Nature is singing with joy that SAVITRI is going to take an evolutionary step.
ONE VISITOR What is the significance of MATRIMANDIR? Why it is called THE WONDER OF THE WORLD?
CHETANA There is a DIVINE-CONSIOUSNESS in the MATTER, we want to manifest that here in Life. ANIMATION MATRIMANDIR stands for DIVINE CONSCIOUNESS, emerging from the MATTER, at last earth delivering by EONIC EVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE and pain its hidden DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.
In fact if you look at MATRIMANDIR physically it resembles NUCLEUS of the CELL; which contains the hereditary material DNA; but here MATRIMANDIR, which is the symbol of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS is the NUCLEUS of the EARTH or MATTER, which contains MATTER’S TRUE hereditary material of DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS; which had had been evolving throughout history of the Earth. Now MANIFESTED when the EARTH is READY.
CRYSTAL (Divine Spark, Psychic Being) can be compared to the NUCLEOLUS of the NUCLEUS, which is a factory for the partial manufacturing of RIBOSOMES. WHEN THE BODY CELLS COME UNDER THE PSYCHIC CONSCIOUS CONTROL, NUCLEOLUS manufactures Divine C. RIBOSOMES. In respect they manufacture NEW protein molecule by following blue prints DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS – thus even this body can be TRANSFORMED and DIVINISED.
And all the SEVEN WONDERS in the world were made for some human greatness or might or aesthetic satisfaction. But only the MATRIMANDIR is a PLACE TO FIND ONE'S TRUE CONSCIOUSNESS and it’s dedicated to Man's real mission on the earth. Which is the first step for REAL BROTHERHOOD OR HUMAN UNITY. That's why this is called (MORE) CHETANA (CONT'D) THE WONDER OF THE WORLD.
CRYSTAL is the symbol of EARTH SOUL (PSYCHIC). SUN RAY symbolizes the DIVINE LIGHT passing the CRYSTAL CLEAR PSYCHIC and going deep into SUBCONSCIOUS, thus TRANSFORMING and MANIFESTING itself in the MATTER on the EARTH. DIVINE CONSCIOUNESS and SPARK SOUL evolving from MATTER here, DIVINE LIGHT MANIFESTING, TRANSFORMING and leading the EARTHLY LIFE. SATYA looks at her appreciating and the visitor too. posted by: Shiva India 344 friends join to post

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