March 15, 2006

The Transformation Of Physical Inertia

There are certain things that have to be taken into the nature and transformed, and others rejected in order to bring every revolting element of the somnambulist subconscient into the supramental light. The danger of working in the subconscient and in the atmospheric subconscient is further precipitated by human revolt to the Divine Will, and the manner in which this human revolt and opposition hinders terrestrial yoga could well be seen and explained by the physiological signs the body has to undergo without actually suffering their ultimate consequences, medical or otherwise. These things have to be conquered and these are the very essential steps that precede the greater ones, and we have to keep ourselves always open to the Divine Guidance and proceed accordingly. There are certain conditions that are still more essential than we have understood so far, steps that seem negligible and trivial but nevertheless important and indispensable.
The first step is to conquer tamas or physical inertia and transform it into a greater physical strength. Tamas is ignorance, or more properly, an expression of terrestrial ignorance that has to be transformed as an essential step towards transforming the body consciousness into a fit and strong vessel of the Divine Supermind.
Physical inertia manifest into the human nature not only as physical weakness and tiredness, but also as hesitation and procrastination, sometimes as fear of the impossible and also as psychological alternations in the physical consciousness. It may be concluded that it is the positive condition for such physical vibrations to impose on the being, and lead men, in the ultimate consequence, to an irrevocable condition in which the only resort for the being, as it would seem, is a self-disgusting surrender to the processes of death. Physical tamas keeps its doors open for the terrestrial forces and influences, in as much as it provides a base for human atavism and habits, for the idiosyncrasies of the terrestrial Mind, which have to be transformed of their imperfections and defects by the power of the Supermind. We ought to see physical inertia as an expression of a certain constitutional ignorance, immanent in the earth conditions and in each being this ignorance becomes an expression, a type that supports its special psychological impulsions and a character made of up thousand contradictions.
In a sense, the physical being finds its support on a constitutional atavism – which is also universal -, a crude mechanism that aggregates all our tendencies, impulsions and actions on earth. Inertia, as an expression of a constitutional ignorance, is perhaps a thing that can well comprise the tendencies of a mass in self-ignorance, and therefore can establish other atavistic habits compressed in a human frame, the habits which it only carries and cherishes in the night of the soul in self-evolution. To overcome that and to be victorious is perhaps the most difficult thing, but it is a battle that has to be won in the terrestrial field by the help of the Supramental Light. Everything in the evolution swarms in an endless agony, as if the evolution itself is a difficulty and a riddle that has to be sorted out by the Supreme Power, but the problem of the earth and that of the human beings is that they reject the Truth-Power and its transmuting touch. Worse still, they detest in others any possibility of a supramental truth-evolution. This self-disparity is hard to overcome by the human ego, which seeks an easy and fantastic shortcut to life by the help of a seemingly impregnable Mechanism, a giant machine that has taken over the place of the immanent gnostic Spirit in life and matter.
An Overmind Power, thus pushed to the point of descent in the individual, may be able to organise around itself all those that are in the mind and vital, may also take up into itself the psychological tendencies of the progressive human type at once into its vast light. It may also be possible for it to achieve a sense of permanency in the mental and vital spheres, permanency of an impermanent type, but nevertheless a lasting touch as long as it is destined to last. But in the earth sphere, it can act only as an influence and under the guise of a secret guide, a masked and well-adored prototype that carries within itself a vast world of possibilities, unable to comprehend the mystery of the depth and the abyss, and therefore leaves everything in a state of its own earthy mess. It crowns the mind with its luminous light, but leaves the body of the earth in a state of death and decay, a state that is unknown to its own experience and, therefore not a valid experience to the logistics of its purpose and plan.
Overmind cannot handle terrestrial ignorance, much less the human ignorance. What it can do at best and as part of the spiritual evolution is to be an instrumentation for the Supreme Power, and in the terrestrial consciousness it can create the initial conditions for the terrestrial being to evolve towards the Supramental order of existence, a lesser evolution based on a superior truth and power is slowly replaced by the Supramental truth-evolution. In a word, to achieve a power of being in the place of a crude physical inertia, and to manifest there a spontaneity and rhythm of existence are the two essential consequences of a Supramental truth-descent into the terrestrial being. That has to be achieved in us first in order that it may bring about a larger result in our difficult and laborious evolution in the course of time. (20th April, 2005) posted by R Friday, May 20, 2005 at 9:17 PM Divine Gnosis

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