March 09, 2006

Quote Sri Aurobindo

Rajiv Malhotra : 24th JUNE, 2000
Sri Aurobindo World Centre Talk Series INDIC ACADEMICS
In '94, I created the Infinity Foundation , to basically start sponsoring and getting involved in non-profit projects, not being clear of the details of what that meant. We started by sponsoring a whole lot of things, quite randomly, learning through experience what works what doesn't. We evolved to a vision that we now have, which consists of two areas: Wisdom and Compassion. Wisdom is mainly involved with academic institutions, usually universities, research and schools, in aspects of spirituality, philosophy and science. Spirituality is the core interest. And in Compassion, its projects are going to help humanity, usually in the United States, and some are also in India.
But, you know, a lot of what seems to be happening in psychology and consciousness evolution theory is actually inspired by Sri Aurobindo, when you talk to the people privately, but its not acknowledged, its absolutely amazing. I've had a lot of email debates and discussions with people who started out by saying they don't know anything about Sri Aurobindo. But after about three or four exchanges they start quoting him, and they know a lot about him! They just don't want to admit. There is a taboo. Its like there was taboo against women, who were not supposed to be able to do equally in the workplace in managerial jobs, because they were supposed to be very emotional. So women had to stand up and get their dignity and now its okay. So (likewise) I'm trying to create an atmosphere where 'coming out' is okay. Why must it be difficult to quote from Sri Aurobindo, when you can quote Heidegger, Kant or Wittgenstein, and why can't common courses in philosophy include great people from the East?

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