March 03, 2006


Everything that today goes by the name transhumanism is a mistake and a misunderstanding. It should properly be called posthumanism (or perhaps even dehumanism), certainly not transhuman. It is only a masquerade of modernism, projecting itself into a future to which it does not belong. There is nothing transcendental about it; certainly nothing that would qualify in the sense of self-overcoming.
The only true contemporary transhumanists were Friedrich Nietzsche (the Overman) and Aurobindo. (And perhaps might be added the name of Teilhard de Chardin. There are probably others). Anything else is simply a misunderstanding. Keywords: Transhumanism, Nietzsche, Consciousness, Aurobindo by longsword on Thu 20 Jan 2005 02:06 PM CST Permanent Link Cosmos

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