March 18, 2006

Life is a laughter

Life is "A laughter from the immortal heart of Bliss" -Sri Aurobindo
Friday, March 17, 2006 posted by Parvati at 3:09 AM 2 Comments: manan said... 3:37 AM That rings true. However, at times, it takes a lot of faith to understand this. Parvati said... 4:14 AM Yes. It seems to be a deep Truth-Knowledge that is imbedded in all of existence. And is not at all evident to our usual, superficial or even the slightly deeper outlook of things - to our normal vision of things, all is bleak, negative, sad, hopeless and frustrating. Unless we actually are able to experience this laughter from the immortal heart of Bliss, we cannot live it, or even pretend that life is all wonderful. The experience will give us the knowledge that life is so, otherwise we are stuck in our present ignorance, pain because of that ignorance, sorrow because of that pain , so on and so forth, a never-ending chain of mistakes.

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