March 04, 2006

Need for the game gene in life

Sri Aurobindo– The evolution of man in the universe has four stages. The ascent of matter to life, mind, supermind and Sachchidanada. The final stage has not come but will. He wanted to create the spiritual religion of humanity. His supermind is very nearly the opposite of Nietzsche's Superman.
Nietzsche- He came as close as anyone to seeing the need for the game gene in life but too many hangups and moral imparatives got in his way.
Kierkegaard- If you like christianity and believe in absolutes without evidence then this is the guy to read. If you like a guy who preaches that he knows what god thinks in the form of knowing that everyone else doesn't get god, then read this bible thumper. If you like Heidegger and all his absolutist claptrap and want to see where he got it from, read this guy. If you don't, don't bother with him. He is a waste of time and energy. - see full assessment
Jaspers- called existentialist- Amazingly, he actually believed that philosophy begins where reason ends. And this was to be done by abandoning oneself in subjectivity. However this does make sense in one way he says philosophy has no meaning unless we make it our own.
Heidegger– One of the worst influences in the last century. An absolutist who somehow thinks that the roots of words matters to existence. His idea is even a throw back to socrates by saying that thinking is only recalling. This time he adds it is past writers we must recall.

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