March 13, 2006

Form and Formlessness

Towards the One, using the relative to bridge to the non-relative as these bodies temporal in their belief find themselves suddenly breathing into the now, their matter, mater, Mother transparent, shining essence's luminosity, reflecting new light, new appearances and new worlds as consciousness reveals ItSelf, as mater remembers HerSelf and lets go of old decision creating identities, relaxing, rendering Her more malleable to the Divine Will in action - and we see that all of these realities are real as they cannot be but That and the illusion is in their immalleability and the immalleability is the Divine playing hide and seek with ItSelf, experiencing ItSelf in Its infinite diversity - and as the stars are variables in the creation of probable realities, so are the archetypes, so are the you and the me forgetting and then remembering that we are One and then remembering that we are the many, the none, the All and any other measurable and immeasurable variable, each of our individuated signatures in their dance together creating the perfect alchemy for Self-realization and healing the scars of separation making whole the One Body that can play with every speck of ItSelf as the whole And as the part, where veils are lifted revealing every movement as dance and every sound as music until all knows itSelf as Love which It has always been as It waits for deeper recognition and clarification of ItSelf in time and space, this medium of becoming, this glorious expression of the Isness, the Sat expressing It's inherent Chit and Ananda, as Chit and Ananda also express each other and Sat, refining Self-recognition from cacophony to symphony without changing a sound and the ugly to the beautiful without changing the appearance, seeing the Divine Perfection of absolutely everything where the consciousness can then reflect ItSelf with new appearances, new symbolic representations of ItSelf circling back into and out of time and space, a spiral of Love, ascension and descension, involution and evolution spiraling to Self-knowing, removing the veil off of the spiritualization of the material substance as we in more and ever-expanding ways materialize the spiritual substance until these statements of differentiation no longer make sense because all is That, until the Divine wants to again say hello to itSelf but this time, who it says hello to recognizes who is saying hello and that the all-blissful has birthed Its pain and tortures and the all-knowing Its ignorance and confusion for the pure enjoyment of the Play, the Truth Consciousness infiltrating every pocket of matter, every cell knowing itSelf within the eternal embrace, spirit and matter endlessly making love. sunya lila Location:California, United States Wednesday, March 08, 2006

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