March 13, 2006

Five bodies

The Soul According to Goswami part-2 O Frank Turner
Yesterday we said that all is wholeness, and therefore there can’t be two forms of existence one physical and one spiritual, (This is called Dualism) and that our true self was “context” in which energy and information are processed by consciousness. But how can context have a memory that goes from one life to the next, which the reincarnation data supports?
If one goes back to the ancient text of the Tibetan Book of the Dead (TBD) one will find an answer. Our body exists in more dimensions than the three we see. Does this sound somewhat like Dr. William Tiller’s 10-dimension body? So the TBD says that we have a physical body embedded in a vital body. This is all embedded in a mental body, which is embedded in a supramental intellect, and all is embedded within Bliss. So these five bodies are all within consciousness.
Nonliving matter is law-like, but the behavior of living and thinking matter is program like. Thus, logic dictates that we have both a vital and mental body of consciousness. The vital body is the body that contains our feelings. The feelings are programmed in like a computer. The brain can only process symbols and cannot give those symbols meaning. The meaning comes from Consciousness and takes place in the mental body. The supramental body also gives meaning but can do so with new context and is therefore our center of creativity. Bliss of course is Consciousness itself, which is oneness.
Dr. Goswami is very adamant that all bodies are independent of each other but work in tandem. He does this to make sure that we don’t think of them as dualistic. To me, he is really saying they are all different dimensions of the one body and that our real body is more than the three dimensions we see. Dr. Goswami also believes that the Chakra system is real and exists in the vital body.
It is interesting that both Dr. Goswami and Dr Tiller, within their systems, have independently developed almost the same five bodies that are found in the TBD. Goswami also points out that in the old Jewish text called the Kabala the body is made of the five worlds. In the Kabala they are called Manifestation, Formation, Creation, Pure Thought, and the One. Posted at 1:31 AM on Mar. 9, 2006

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