March 12, 2006

A glorified body

Sri Aurobindo, before Mother, understood and dwelled on the criticalness of transformation of the body: "...If a total transformation of the being is our aim, a transformation of the body must be an indispensable part of it; without that no full life on earth is possible."
Mother explained the 'future body' in the following words: "The transformation implies that all this purely material organization will be replaced by concentrations of force, each with a different type of vibration; instead of organs, there will be centers of conscious energy set in motion by the conscious will. No more stomach, no more heart, no more blood circulation, no more lungs; all this will disappear and be replaced by a play of vibrations representing what these organs symbolically are. For the organs are only material symbols of centers of energy; they are not the essential reality: they simply give it a form or a support in certain given circumstances. The transformed body will then operate through its real centers of energy and no longer through their symbolic representatives as developed in the animal body…..".
But Mother could not predict exactly how this transformation would take place. She could only say:"If we knew the process, it would already be done. .... We won't be able to really say what it is until it's done. It is an adventure into the unknown." But she, like Aurobindo, was certain that the Divine Spirit would manifest itself through one human body to realize the goal of transformation of the mankind. She emphasized that one should not expect anything from the death; life is one's salvation. Mother said: "....It is in life that we must transform ourselves; it is on earth that we progress, on earth that we realize. It is in the body that we win the Victory." The following references describe explicitly that the transformation of whole mankind was conditional to transformation of at least one body:
"... But no one has achieved the transformation; it is a completely uncharted path, like advancing through a country that does not yet exist. ...When it has succeeded once, just once, in a single human being, then the very conditions of the transformation will change, because path will have trodden, charted, the basic difficulties cleared away. The day a single human being conquers the difficulties of the transformation, he will raise all mankind to the possibility of a luminous, true, immortal life."
"... If we want a continuity in the human evolution, if we want the supramental being to manifest in our own flesh and not in some unknown new organism that would supercede our mental humanity, then one human being must succeed in working out the operation within one lifetime. If the operation succeeds once, it can be transmitted to others." About Gurudev Shri Ram Lal Siyag

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