March 15, 2006


The manifested world with all its hues and colours is nothing but an arudha. All that we see with the naked eye, the physical, tangible objects and people are nothing but the arudhas. The consciousness which drives the person is something which is intangible and cannot be percieved. Even the person himself might not about his real self, till the guru comes to his life and wakes him up from the slumber.
Sri Aurobindo a great indian scholar had remarked in "Supramental manifestation on earth" the following: "A man does not work according to his ideas, but rather his nature". People might have certain ideas about happenings and people around them. They might harbor many ideas, but when they actually start interacting with the world, they behave more according to their general nature and temperament. The general nature, temperament can be known from Moon and also the Arudha lagna. Arudha lagna is nothing but a reflection of the true self, and thus together with moon can show the general behavior in the society. Once mastered, predictions can be made based on Arudha chakra alone. posted by ParthaSarathy Thursday, January 20, 2005 @ 10:23 PM Location:Hyderabad, Andhra pradesh, India I work as a writer, hobby is astrology

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