March 15, 2006

Weblog and the Yoga of work

Divine Gnosis Thursday, August 01, 2002
What the Soul perceives to be true and imposes on the being is rejected by the lower vital. Let there be nothing in you left out from the transmuting touch of the Spirit, let there be not a single distortion of your inner tapasya, otherwise you will be defeat your own purpose and fall into the trap set by the forces of disorder and falsehood. The one meaning of self-surrender to the Divine Mother is to consecrate oneself and all that one must be to the feet of Krishna in a great joy of self-giving, and then you will progress into the Spirit rapidly and quickly towards the sublimation of the supramental Truth-Consciousness in yourself. posted by R at 3:54 PM

Aspiration is a power of the Psychic manifest in both the inner and outer being, an extraordinary movement of the Soul towards the Divine Truth. But it is not at all easy to make it come to the surface and act with its sovereign spiritual force and govern the whole nature towards the Mother and her divine transformation. A perfect discipline in all parts of the being, a calm and settled will in the vital being, an exemplary faith in the spiritual process and its final consequence and, more importantly, in the secret guidance of the Divine Mother are the conditions for the full manifestation of the Psychic into our ignorant nature. Only then, spirituality becomes a spontaneous outflowering of the immanent Divine Spirit that we are. posted by R at 11:46 AM

Let me identify myself only with Sri Aurobindo. posted by R at 11:25 AM

I am absolutely ignorant of the Divine. posted by R at 11:24 AM
Tuesday, July 30, 2002
A perfect discipline in the being is indispensable to a spiritual self-mastery. posted by R at 11:22 AM
Monday, July 29, 2002
I do not see the Weblog from a technical standpoint. It is only a spiritual exercise of my inner Spirit towards the Yoga of work in one of its manifestations. posted by R at 11:11 AM

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