March 07, 2006

A divine life in a divine body

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A divine life in a divine body is the formula of the ideal that we envisage.
  • But what will be the divine body?
  • What will be the nature of this body, its structure, the principle of its activity, the perfection that distinguishes it from the limited and imperfect physicality within which we are now bound?
  • What will be the conditions and operations of its life, still physical in its base upon the earth, by which it can be known as divine?
  • If it is to be the product of an evolution, and it is so that we must envisage it, an evolution out of our human imperfection and ignorance into a greater truth of spirit and nature, by what process or stages can it grow into manifestation or rapidly arrive?
  • The process of the evolution upon earth has been slow and tardy—what principle must intervene if there is to be a transformation, a progressive or sudden change?
Michael 29 Re: Divine Body Yesterday, 1:30 PM Nice url. Aurobindo is one of the few "Eastern" teachers for whom "Alchemical Earth/Matter/Physicality" was neither a hallucination nor a confusion of levels. He wasn't interested in transcending the physical but in realizing its essential spirituality and recognizing it as an exponent of the soul. [catch] srinath at 2:47 AM

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