March 12, 2006

Max Theon and The Mother

In 1904, at the age of 26, Mirra discovered a magazine called "La Tradition Cosmique", where she found many of her inner experiences described, though in a bizarre idiom. Seeking for the publisher and author of the articles, she found him in a powerful occultist with the outlandish name of Max Theon, who lived with his even more remarkable wife Alma in Algeria. Mirra spent several years with these two pursuing a systematic study of the higher occultism. Under them, she would put her physical body into trance and awake progressively in her subtle sheaths: putting to sleep the subtle sheath next to the physical, she would grow aware in the one on a deeper level: she thus climbed the whole grade of what occultists have charted out as the supra-physical planes, and became acquainted with their laws and powers and operations,so that she might place all available means at the disposal other spiritual ideal.
On more than one occasion, so complete was her withdrawal from the body, that the latter lay in a condition of temporary death. But the release, which could have absorbed her in the Divine Existence for good and plunged the embodied being into its Supreme Origin, was refused by her. She saw the world in its long travail and returned to the body by sheer force, a painful process when the connecting link between the subtle and the gross has been snapped. It was here also, that the remarkable adept Alma, recognized Mirra for who she really was. The Mother, embodiment of the Divine Consciousness. Again, it was here , that She foresaw the extent and formulated the scope of her future work, which was identical with Sri Aurobindo's - the bridging of the poles of Spirit and Matter and the establishment of a Divine Life on earth. The East-West Cultural Center > MOTHER'S HERALD - AN INTERNET RADIO STATION

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