March 28, 2006

A new world in a small cell

Planting the Seed of Love Sat, March 18, 2006 - 11:11 PM - permalink - Karina
It was quite synchronic that while I was writing this article I was at the same time reading a book about Mère: Divine Materialism by Satprem. I would like to translate some points that well describe the passage from kin 105 to kin 106, from B5 to B6 and well fit with what I think is the issue of the year: to find out that " the secret of the next world is beyond the mind… is inside the body, in that knot of life/death….It's not a secret to understand, it's the trial of the fire, because for Matter understanding means power.
A power that can be found at that point, where life embraces death, where the cells leave the old genetic code to enter the law of the next realm..It's the trasmutation of the next aeon. To find that secret means that we can do it. We can stand in front of death, in front of life, where this death fades away, where this life fades away: better where it gets into another physical life, that is neither life nor death, but another thing. Maybe a divine life…A fearful passage "A new world in a small cell. What is our support, our body, is also our last mistery. What is our failure, death, is also the key of a supreme victory". " Until we find the key of death, we won't have the key of life, of matter. It's strange but to really understand what matter is we have to understand what death is, as if our way of looking at matter would produce death as well.
One is not separate from the other. Neither a scientific nor a spiritual revolution will be a revolution until we have the revolution of death". " It's only the body that can understand..I have seen this secret…I have seen that on the earthly matter, on the earth the Supreme becomes perfect….." "To find transparency on all planes is to purify the matter..An "enlighmnent" of the body, a vision of the body, a direct knowledge of matter…true liberation is in the body…" Or as Sri Aurobindo would say: " The way the sovramental force works doesn't consist in influencing the body by giving it abnormal faculties, but in entering the body, permeating it and changing it completely in a sovramental physical body, a pure body, free of all its addictions and evolutionary deformities, with ist normal powers…because in every cell, in every atom, in every molecule of the Matter is the Omniscience of Eternity and the Omnipotence of Infinity".
"To reach that supreme starting point where some Rishi had seen, at the end of a dark cave, in the heart of Matter, at the bottom of their body, a new Sun of knowledge that was like a new Spirit in a new Matter: That treasure in the infinite rock, that Sun that dwells in the darkness, the Black Sun (Martanda) of the Veda, the Sun of Truth under the rock of the Mountain." Or as Josè Arguelles writes in the Cosmic History Chronicles: " Cosmic History is a descent into the darkest darkness and the densest density of consciousness as it could be imagined here on this Earth. Cosmic History dives into the core of Earth Consciousness with a program that is subliminally structured to transmute and alter the causes and effects of the density and darkness, which is a result of the destruction of the previous world systems".

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