March 02, 2006

Calvin, Dante and eternal Hell

The Mother on Sri Aurobindo's Thoughts and Aphorisms Bhakti (Devotion) Page 4
474. Calvin, who justified eternal Hell, knew not God but made one terrible mask of Him His eternal reality. If there were an unending Hell, it could only be a seat of unending rapture; for God is Ananda and than the eternity of His bliss there is no other eternity.
475. Dante, when he said that God's perfect love created eternal Hell, wrote perhaps wiselier than he knew; for from stray glimpses I have sometimes thought there is a Hell where our souls suffer aeons of intolerable ecstasy and wallow as if for ever in the utter embrace of Rudra, the sweet and terrible.
The divine splendours are too marvellous for human littleness, which finds it hard to bear them, and an eternity of delight may well be intolerable for a human being. 14 April 1970- The Mother


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  2. Yon We ponder with our listless eyes, we go forward into the day-thinking on with Hell and Heaven;oblivious to both. When we are finally to come to grave; death will be the most earnest gift for our lives, as a ray of sunshine might be for a better man. The ponds are whet with their life, the swords are beset with their angst; war has come and sufficed, but internally enraged. Tender is the will whose own naivety is questioned by the Self and skewered with integrity, kept in check.

  3. For whatsoever was a misgiving to a man, is a humility to God. If virtue is counted coarse because one cannot meet the beliefs of another; what stands for truth in the face of corruption? Are we blind if we cannot sight what is right? Are we not driven to no true words-to be mute? If all altitudes are declined in the morale-what is driving the force of Love? Impeccable is it's time; but sadly, men wait for no other, writhing in their form til they die. But is Hell such a place, full of torment and misery which heightens the senses to the purest flow of incense. Are the ashes of Hell sweet enough for an evil man? Do they exhume their perfume onto him when he dies? Clearly, when he is buried-his ashes will be collected into the bowels of Hell for the sake of fueling Hell. No good man was ever born to be wasteful or worthless; only those who are deemed worthless can be evil.