September 27, 2006

The age of religions is over

All choice All life is Yoga. Wednesday, September 27, 2006 The Universal Way
Tusar Mohapatra has published on 27-09-2006 a small but important article under the caption "Manibhai’s Razor” in his Blog "Savitri Era". On perusal of the same, I was led to think as follows.
To mix up worship of deities with the prayers and meditations before The Mother and Sri Aurobindo is a distortion. We do not worship The Mother and Sri Aurobindo. They are NOT overmental deities who need to be worshipped by us. They need our following them, NOT for Their satisfactions, but to liberate and transform the Mankind, if not as a whole, by a part. Our way is NOT a religion. The Mother has said that the age of religions is over. It is matter of the past history. We are no more to be fixed at the Old Stations. We are to march forward, leaving the old history behind.
In this connection, it may be said that according to The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, Religion and Dharma are not two identical things. Dharma is universal and nameless. It is the Right Way of Life. Dharma cannot be named... posted by Barindranath Chaki @ 1:35 PM

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