September 26, 2006

The old is transformed into a work of art

"Coming into Being" - William Thompson
Thompson, William. "Coming into Being: Aritfacts and Texts in the Evolution of Consciousness." St. Martin's Griffin. New York. 1996"... this new planetary culture is not simply a reaction to our new technologies-be they aerospace, atomic, genetic, or electronic-but an expression of a spiritual evolution that is actually pulling out these new technologies. From this perspective, I see the Zeitggeist as serving as midwife to the birth of a new humanity. The Indian philosopher and yogi Sri Aurobindo, in his evolutionary philosophy, calls this historical emergence "the Supermental Manifestation." Well, when the Supermental manifests, the old mental realm is transformed or reconstructed into a work of art." - foreword page 1 Monday, September 25, 2006 posted by Tom L at 5:49 AM AperiodSacred

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