September 15, 2006

One of the rarest creations of modern theology

From: "rabi kanungo" [13.9,06, 8.28 IST] Dear Sir, Sub. Your e-mail, titled - Savitri Era: Be Indian, be Aurobindian, Tue, 12 Sep 2006 15:20:58 IST
Respectfully responding to this or any similar opinion on Aurobundo's 'Savitri', I must try to assert that it is one of the rarest creations of modern theology that has refurbished the age-old Aryan ethical concepts of religion (to me, 'Hindu' is not a religion as like many such others, and I do not know in what name the present practising life-care cults can be addressed to) without adopting mystic confusions or superstitions. 'Savitri' inspires its readers to perpetually dwell in domains those are transcendal - not mundane. I fear that the aggregate political leadership that India handles today, unfortunately, is not fit to handle 'Savitri', which may result in vulgarisation of a pious creation. Let me quote a stanza or two in order to substantiate the great gap between Aurobindo's thinking and the aggregate intellect of Indian naivity or/and nuisance.
"In the inpalpable field of secret self,
The little outer being's vast support
Parted from vision by earth's solid fence,"
(Book-1, Canto-2)
Can a country incapable of tolerating one or two smallest imaginary verbal vibrations in Bankim Chandra’s “Vande Mataram”, be able to degest “Savitri”? Let it be there where it has its proud place of dignity. Reality is that – any community does not have due proportion of intellectuals. Sincerely yours, Rabi Kanungo

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