September 12, 2006

A new world religion

Sri Aurobindo Ghose replaced the Hindu Maya doctrine of illusion, with the concept of religious evolution of mind. Inwardness of the subjectivity of Indian idealism contrasts with the outwardness of Western objective Idealism and synthesis of the two would create a new world religion a new world civilization. Philosophic Idealism will result in the mergers of world religions and world civilizations and help usher World Religion, World Scripture, World Philosophy, World Civilization, and World Culture. Then Clash of Religions would wither away and Merge of Civilizations would take place instead.
DiplomatKalkiGaur@Yahoo.Com http://360.Yahoo.Com/diplomacyofcivilizations/ Chapter 3 Clash of Hegelianism Philosophy- Sword of Idealistic Hegelianism of NeoConservatism Protestantism. Author: Kalki Gaur, “Manifesto of Neo-Conservatism”.

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