September 06, 2006

You can't discount Sri Aurobindo

Making the Buddha laugh B.K. Modi THE TIMES OF INDIA Sep 3, 2006
I have been a student of Indian culture since my student days. Since then, I had been in search of a global identity. My search from being an Indian citizen to a global citizen has led me all over the world. My quest for an identity first led me to Sanatan Dharm, and that was when I discovered Buddha, around 1986-87, some 10 years after my father died in 1976. My search for a global identity also found expression in 25 joint ventures I signed up right from Australia through Asia and Europe to the US ever since I came into my own as a businessman.
Then, in 1989, I wrote a book on India and Hinduism where I propounded the view that India was poised to be a global leader by 2011 and bring peace to the world. I have written several other books since then — Hinduism The Universal Truth, One God, Performance — A Manager's Challenge.
I propounded my theory of India as a global leader in India and Hinduism on the basis of Sri Aurobindo's bhavishya vani that in the 175th year after the birth of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa (who was born in 1836), India would have transited through the sandhi kaal and would herald the dawn of the spiritual or knowledge society. That year is 2011. You can't discount Sri Aurobindo. If you look carefully, India's Independence Day coincides with his birthday.

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