September 09, 2006

Prosperity by Cellular Consciousness

Manifesting Prosperity by Changing Cellular Consciousness
The metaphysical law of abundance tells us that the bountiful universe holds a supply of unlimited good for all souls. We can enjoy the prosperity of health, abundance and love. The law of attraction tells us that we can bring prosperity to us through such techniques as affirmative prayer and positive thinking. Yet when many people try to manifest prosperity, they don't achieve their goals. What happens?One of the reasons why our visualizations and affirmations don't produce what we expect is that they only float on the surface of the ocean of our consciousness. They do not penetrate into the depths where the cellular consciousness resides, and where true change takes place.
What we think, believe and even fear, individually and collectively, becomes absorbed into the minds of the cells. The mystic Sri Aurobindo and his partner, The Mother, held that the cellular mind is so remote from us as to be in darkness much of the time. We cannot truly evolve to our fullest potential until we learn to bring divine light into the cells. Then we free ourselves not only from limitation, but also from disease and illness. Eventually, they said, we can free ourselves from death itself--the physical body will change into a body of light. posted by ~~ Sabre ~~ at 4:30 PM Friday, September 08, 2006

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