September 11, 2006

Blogyoga -- a spiritual practice

To me perspectives-post metaphysics is inquiring into the process of this transmutation in the realm of thought/ideas. Perspectives to me is about coming to sense not only the content but the underlying process whereby ideas are reached, opinions are formed, views are upheld. By trying to dig out under the groud of our thought, I'm trying to poke through the ground entirely until I enter the groundless.
The transmutation is to no longer simply conceptualize as in persons, things, manifestations, achievements, proofs per se but rather to gain access (however partially) to the perspectival address and performance of those occassions. To just see where they are; where people are at. As a way of relationship. To transmute for myself and offer as a guided process for any interested, the density, the fixity around notions outside the context/feel of an evolving matrix. To release them in a way for their own creative participation.
These integral reflections for me then are a yoga--a spiritual practice. In traditional Sanskrit called jnani yoga--yoga of the intellect/higher mind. Aurobindo never meditated; his only practice was writing. I'm no Aurobindo, but I'm trying ever so imperfectly to follow in that line. posted by CJ Smith @ 11:37 PM 1 comments Indistinct Union: Nonduality and Christianity Exploration of Unity Consciousness and the Christian Life Saturday, September 02, 2006

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